Suitable for children age 2 to age 6

At present there are two shows in our repertoire, that are especially for children and performed by Eva Kaufmann. Since both plays are without verbal speech there is no language barrier. Having been already invited to Germany, Austria, Swisserland, Italy, France, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, Hungary, Israel, Lebanon, and Dubai their transcultural appeal has been proven many times.

In her pieces for children Eva Kaufmann deals with the ever changing experiences which little children face because of their rapid development into a human individual.

The play is full of associations both fitting for an all age childrens group and an adult audience, therefore entertaining the whole family.

idea and acting: Eva Kaufmann

                                                                                                                      Management in Belgium: XL & Lapinne

without words, but with sounds and music

© L. Anthes

for the whole family (3 years and older)

© L. Anthes

german: Rotbällchen

german: Was rappelt in der Kiste?